SPL: Structured Product Labeling Software

SPL software is an easy-to-use, content authoring tool which manages SPL/PLR/Drug listing lifecycle and validates the output as per USFDA regulatory guidelines. Creation of SPL document is as simple as uploading the word document directly into the application without the need for cut and paste operations from a source document. The complex content structures, including tables, images, lists, and nested sub sections are easily created by the tool.

Key Features:

  • In-built verification module as per latest validation criteria
  • Multi-user system
  • Life cycle Management - SPL/ Drug listing / PLR (Including Kit Products)
  • Comprehensible & effortless flow
  • Menu level security
  • Drug level security
  • Plugged in HELP module
  • NDC Labeler management
  • Establishment Registration management
  • Facility self identification management
  • Inherit / copy SPL data from one drug to another
  • Audit Trails
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