eTraining: Training Management System

It is a web-based Electronic Training Management System that automates scheduling and training certificate generation. Email notifications are sent to both senior and relevant staff about any required training. Customizable, on-line assessments with results automatically reported to the trainer and stored in the employee's training record. Automatically schedules retraining when any documents are updated in DocsExecutive™ (eDMS). It is available for installation as an independent software product

Key Features

  • Elaborate options for test evaluation
  • Time bound on-line tests for staff, seniors and/or department level
  • Training scheduler integrated with DocsExecutive™ for training in various GMP documents
  • Selection of training topics under different trainers
  • Unlimited question bank database can be created for each topic
  • Random selection of questions at each test
  • Test pattern includes objective and subjective questions with number of questions for each test is configurable
  • Elaborate evaluation technique
  • Retraining request is possible