DocsExecutive™: Enterprise Electronic Document Management System

DocsExecutive™ is a software solution which efficiently manages complete Lifecycle of documents for various departments like Regulatory, R&D, QA, QC, Production, HR, Finance, ADL etc. Design is based more on GAMP guidelines on how to manage documents within the pharmaceutical industry. It is a web based application, so with minimum client machine configuration requirement like Internet Explorer you can start using DocsExecutive™. It manages GMP as well as non-GMP documents, and is compliant as per 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines with electronic signatures and audit trails.

Key Features of DocsExecutive™

  • Lifecycle management of Templates
  • Define your own templates and refer in multiple documents
  • Document Classification Flexibility
  • Document Print Control- Document can be printed only after approval of a print request
  • Docs-Dossier Bridge (eDMS bridge to eCTD)
  • Email Alerts
  • Document Publishing in PDF or Word
  • Electronic Signatures and Scanned Signature Feature.

General Features:

  • In-Process document tracking by controller and author
  • Controller Tracking: controller has the authority to change author / reviewer / approver during document flow
  • Author Tracking: Extend the number of allocated review days of reviewer and approver
  • Auto publishing and expiry of documents
  • Auto task reminder. Email integration
  • Document change history viewing facility
  • Parallel or sequential document review and approve
  • Choice of converting file to PDF during publish
  • Provision of multiple attachments
  • BMR Template Life Cycle Management
  • Provision of making a document obsolete
  • Document Check-in / Check-out
  • Compatibility with Microsoft office
  • Ability to embed scanned physical signature for the author/reviewer/approver
  • Delegate/transfer document to other user if required during authoring/review/approve
  • In-process distribution of document for training
  • Documents publish control if document awareness is not filled by any end users who have been distributed the document
  • Saving of Draft versions of document/attachments at author level
  • Watermark in main document & attachment as per document status (e.g Draft, Draft Approved, Effective)
  • Facility to refer published/history/in-process documents during authoring/review/approve